80,000 at Creamfields enjoy Daresbury Estate at its best


Creamfields, one of the largest dance music festivals in Europe, took place last weekend in Chesire and Ryans Cleaning was there to ensure around 80,000 punters enjoyed enjoyed the grounds of Daresbury Estate, including acres of camping sites and five arenas, in the best possible condition.

As industrial speakers pumped out trance and electronica, our operatives were hard at work making sure the festival was kept clean. 80,000 punters, bad weather and concerts that continued until 4am in the morning was no challenge for the Ryans team, however. Our supervisors brought their experience and expertise to bear on Daresbury Estate, relying on rapid, clear communication to ensure potential problem areas were identified well before any problems could arise.

With huge numbers of people frequently moving back and forth between multiple arenas, concessions stands and camping grounds, the circumstances at large music festivals are ever-changing. Thankfully, then, our managers have years of experience to apply at festivals like Creamfields. The company prides itself on training the most dynamic, hands-on managers who are always ready to respond to rapidly changing environments.


Visit our facebook page to see some photos from this year’s Creamfields snapped by one of our operatives there.